16 Nov-Update : This offer is now over for the U.S. No more in stock. No opening up to Canada and the U.K.

The cloud gaming market has become pretty completive this year. We are reaching the end of 2020 and we have Google’s Stadia, Amazon’s Luna, Nvidia’s GeForce Now, and Microsoft’s xCloud. The Stadia platform has had a few bumps in the road since launch. They have consistently added many of the features we expected at launch. I have been back and forth with Stadia over the course of the last year but I would recommend it as a top-tier gaming service.

Google is giving YouTube Premium subscribers a chance to go all-in with Stadia hardware. Getting a free Stadia Premiere Edition is a great way for them to accomplish that. This might keep you from signing up with Amazon’s new Luna or Microsoft’s massive game inventory on xCloud. Youtube Premium subscribers in the US and UK can claim a Stadia Premiere Edition bundle completely free of charge. The Premium Edition consists of the Stadia Controller and a Chromecast Ultra. Currently, the Chromecast Ultra is the only Chromecast that will work with Stadia.


The Stadia Premiere Edition bundle is worth $100/£90 but does not come with the 3-month subscription to Stadia Pro that we saw for $130 at launch.

Some YouTube Premium subscribers have received an email notification of the offer. If you have been paying for Premium since November 6 your eligible. Go to the link below and get claim yours before they are gone.

Keep on the lookout for more deals. Google has them all the time.

Free Stadia Premiere Edition Link